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Going Public is a team of mission-focused individuals, based in Cardiff Wales, committed to investing in and bringing hope to every one life we encounter.

Going Public is a Charity based in Cardiff with a heart for investing in people through theatre, training, events and creative arts.

Going Public TIE Company provide Theatre in Education resources for young people, schools and youth groups covering issues in the personal social health economic education curriculum (e.g. self worth, sex and relationships, alcohol, identity and mental health). The team also tour nationally and are committed to engaging the heart and the intellect through passionate, humorous performances.

Internships – offering two internship programmes, Artisan and Uprising. Our internship programmes will ensure you get closer to God, grow and develop as a person and leave equipped and resourced for great works of service.

Sound of Wales – SOW is a collective of spirit filled, creative Christ followers who have a heart for: Stirring the body, Calling the nation, Releasing the sound,Bringing freedom and hope – empowered by Gods love.